Wow. Congratulations! If you’re reading this, you made it.

You are currently living in the future.

What does this mean?

I believe, the rate at which technology is advancing in terms of processing capabilities and potential applications, have surpassed our ability to conceptualize how fast we are actually moving.

Take a look at these products:

A printer that prints anything in 3D? Unlimited storage? Self flying cars? A watch that will pull up one of the fastest cars in the world and happens to be electric?

We are rapidly approaching the era of free unlimited data transfer/storage, wide-spread micro-manufacturing, and the automation of EVERYTHING.

Automation is going to see success because of companies like Filament, led by Eric Jennings out Reno, Nevada. Filament is pioneering new ideas in the world of encrypted machine to machine communication, adding sensors and collecting data, representing clients such as SpaceX, Amazon, and Intel.

It starts with these big companies. As profits increase, and are reinvested into business processes, economies of scale take hold. Before you know it, there are devices covering everything in the average person’s life.

Additionally, the Large Hadron Collider, operated by CERN, is prosed to turn back on this Spring of 2015 at 13TeV. They will smash particles together at speeds and force never been attempted likely unlocking more secrets of the universe.

When scientists discover breakthroughs in physics, the rules and lessons learned then trickle down into innovative products. The factorial growth of new products and ideas that can be combined with each other, offers new opportunities on an infinite scale. This continuous cycle of physics breakthroughs and successive innovation is always fluid, progressing in understanding and increasing in complexity.

Takeaway —> We’re just getting started!!!

Kyle Steven Hess
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