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Kyle Steven Hess is a Partner with Hess & Associates. He is licensed to practice law in Nevada, California, and the Federal Court Systems.

He is the current President of the Nevada Inventors Association and is an Advisor at Bridgewire makerspace/hakerspace.


After studying economics at the University of Nevada, and attending law school in San Diego, California at Thomas Jefferson School of Law, Kyle moved to Venice Beach where he worked in the technology industry focusing on startups and entrepreneurs. Later Kyle decided to return to Nevada and practice law, apprenticing under his father, Steven Hess, an expert attorney with 40+ years of litigation experience.

Kyle Steven Hess

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His initial venture after law school included joining a small team out of San Diego launching a startup called MyPart. MyPart leveraged a new model to generate revenue for nonprofits year round using vendor sponsorship for consumer PPC information.

Subsequently, after MyPart shuttered, Kyle began assisting Jason Calacanis in This Week In Startups,, and LAUNCH Festival. Working for Mr. Calacanis, Kyle received valuable experience, learning how to build multiple brands concurrently (video podcast company, software company, large event production company, respectively above). His roles included without limitation Human Resources, Office Administration, and Media Production.

After gaining insight working for Mr. Calacanis, Mr. Hess moved back to his hometown of Reno, Nevada going into partnership with his father Steven M. Hess. Together they launched Hess & Associates to help Clients who have suffered damages.